Amino Acids Are Essential

What Are the Health Benefits of Amino Acids?

Most of us already know that we need amino acids in our diet, but have you ever wondered why they are so beneficial to us? Unlike most vitamins and minerals, this organic acid is actually made up of several different compounds. Each compound falls under one of two groups known as essential and non-essential.

Both are equally important and can benefit us in many ways.

For example Alanine is needed to produce the protein that our body needs. It is also vital because it aids in making sure that our central nervous system runs smoothly. Alanine also produces the antibodies that help strengthen our immune system.

Aspartic Acid is essential for protecting the liver from toxics and our body from radiation. It can also give us the energy we may need when we’re feeling more tired than usual.

Carnosine protects cells from damage done by free radicals, which can cause aging and disease.

Cysteine helps to protect the stomach’s inner lining as well as the intestines. It could also help reduce the damage caused by some medications.

Histidine is essential because it helps protect nerve cells and reduce damage to body tissues. The compound also helps produce our blood cells and protect us from metal toxins that we can absorb through some fish.

Isoleucine keeps our energy levels and a steady pace. But, it also is essential for those who need to keep the blood sugars regulated on a daily basis.

Leucine plays an important role in reducing the sores caused by the virus known as herpes.

Lysine is important because it uses protein to build muscle. Lysine could also play an important role in the fight against genital herpes.

Phenylalanine may help people who are experiencing depression or Parkinson’s disease. The compound may also help those suffering from obesity.

Threonine has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, but it may also be able to aid in the fight against viral infections.

Tryptophan may be able to minimize pains associated with menstrual cramps. The compound could also help relax those who have trouble sleeping.

Valine is another compound which could aid those who have trouble sleeping. It is also used as an aid for drug addiction and some mental and emotional disorders.

While these are just a few of the essential benefits of amino acids, they are all important in some way or another. Without them we’d stop, functioning, stop living. And we certainly don’t want that!

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