What Does Bio-Availability Mean?

You probably already know that you should be eating healthy, that is if you’re not already doing so, but have you ever wondered what so many of the terms used in healthy eating really mean? 

For instance did you know that bio-availability is a term used to describe the amount of a dose of a drug or other nutrient or substance that reaches circulation in the body?

Okay, so for those of us who aren’t scientists that might not make much sense, but basically the term means it’s a measurement used to make sure we’re absorbing the right amount of medications, etc.

When you take a medication, vitamin or certain foods, your body must be able to absorb it. If you’re already taking another medication then your body might not recognize the new medication and allow it to go directly to your stomach. The same goes for many of the nutrients your body needs.

Because your body cannot absorb many nutrients, scientists are using the technology to make sure we get what we need. Without those nutrients you are susceptible to illnesses and disease since your body is unable to defend itself as easily.

Combining different foods with one another can make an incredible difference in how your body absorbs nutrients. If you were to eat a spinach salad alone, it might not absorb the nutrients in that salad as easily. However, if you were to add some orange slices to that salad, your body could absorb the nutrients so much easier.

There are also combinations, which you may be better of avoiding if you’re concerned about nutrients. Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda and tea may actually lessen the absorption of some vitamins and minerals.

Yet food combinations are not the only way your body could lose valuable nutrition. How foods are processed could also cause some vitamins and minerals to absorb less.

Food absorption is not the only use for bio-availability. The term is also used in the environment to determine the amount of toxic chemicals that we tend to absorb. Scientists can also study plants and animals in the same manner to determine the effects chemicals have on the plant and animal population.

So whether scientists use it for nutrients or toxic levels, their research is a vital key to your health and its future.

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