UN-Healthy Food

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Baked Potato Chips

Why Baked Potato Chips Are Unhealthy With the recent health craze, it’s not surprising that practically every manufacturer in the food industry has its own line of healthy foods. It seems like a dream come true since everywhere you turn; your favorite food has been made healthier. But has it? Unfortunately, many foods that have […]

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Why Sugar Is So Bad For You Go to the grocery store and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the deadly substance known as sugar. Refined especially, it is not good for anyone, and it’s considered a chemical. It contains nothing but empty calories and doesn’t contain any nutritional value whatsoever. Unfortunately there will always be […]

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

What Is High Fructose Corn Syrup? Most of us are pretty conscious about what we let our kids eat and what we won’t let them eat, but even those so-called good for our kids products may be doing more harm than good! So the next time you go shopping, take some time to read the […]

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Artificial Sweeteners

What Are Artificial Sweeteners? If you’re diabetic, you’re probably praising the idea of a sugar substitute. But did you know that substitutes like artificial sweeteners may actually do more harm than good? These sugars are chemicals used in replace of the sugar (sucrose) found in everyday use. They are known as food additives and can […]

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Processed Foods

What Are Processed Foods? If you’re in a hurry to pick something up for a quick meal at the grocery store, what’s the first thing you grab? If you find yourself lingering towards a prepackaged food like a TV dinner because it’s easy to prepare, you could be setting yourself up for all sorts of […]

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Genetically Modified Food

What Are Genetically Modified Ingredients? Most of the foods on the market today, were once an inconvenience to the companies who sold them. They were not making top dollar and the companies needed more money with the least amount of expense. Today they’re no longer an inconvenience simply because those very same companies have begun […]

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