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Whole Food Vitamins

What About Whole Food Vitamins? The temptation of sweets is everywhere. It’s all too tempting as an adult to indulge in a sweet treat and it’s even worse when you’re a parent. Children often don’t understand why their favorite sugary treat is unhealthy and why they’re made to eat a leafy green that doesn’t have […]

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Why Whole Foods

What Are Whole Foods? Let’s start with what is not a whole food. A foot long sub sandwich drowning in fatty dressing is not a whole food. Chocolate cake with extra icing and strawberries on top is not a whole food. Even whole grain bread – once it’s slopped in mayonnaise and stuffed with fatty […]

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SeaAloe Whole Food Vitamins

Why SeaAloe Whole Food Vitamins Are Better Than Man-Made Synthetic Vitamins Whole foods used to be the choice of vegetarians and health food freaks. After generations of poor quality foods and the devastating medical problems left by those food choices, there’s a renewed interest in whole foods. It’s really nothing new. Whole foods are the […]

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What Are Whole Foods?

In today’s dietary world there are two main types of food: processed and/or refined and whole foods. Processed and refined foods have ingredients added to them such as sugar, salt, or fat. Whole foods, on the other hand, haven’t had anything added to them. They are in their original state. Here is some valuable information […]

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