Certified Organic

What Does “Certified Organic” Mean?

Everywhere you look you will find foods that contain the words, “certified organic” on their packaging. If you’re anything like me, you may be wondering just what the heck those words really mean.

For the farmers, this simply means the foods must be grown using resources that give back to our environment according to US food standards. For people like you and I, it means we’re eating foods that are good for us!

These foods are grown without synthetic chemicals such as pesticides, additives and anything else that can harm our bodies. This also means that soil and water used for crops must have been chemical free for several years. They must also undergo yearly inspections of their farmland and comply with standards for storing and transporting of the foods as well.

Of course farmers could simply say that their foods are all natural, but how are we to know they really are? We might be able to trust our local farmers, but when we purchase foods from our local health food or grocery store, we have no idea if their foods are really chemical-free. That is why the US makes sure that we are getting what we pay for by certifying the products that come from those farmers.

In general there are 3 different levels of certification that the US goes by:

Products that are natural and contain no artificial ingredients or additives are at the 100% level.

Those products whose ingredients contain no more than a fifth of unnatural ingredients or additives are at the 95% level. Both of these labels are approved by the USDA and will carry a seal to let consumers know.

There is a third level that is only 70% all natural, but these products cannot carry the USDA seal. They can however carry a label that states they are made with organic ingredients. Anything that is less than that cannot state otherwise and that is great news for us.

When we absorb synthetic chemicals, our bodies have to work harder to ward off all of the bad substances that most foods contain. And since most of us would not willingly breathe in harmful chemicals, why on earth would we want to consume them in our foods? I know I wouldn’t!

Plus, there is another great advantage to all natural foods. They are chocked full of the essential vitamins and minerals that foods with additives don’t have. Those vitamins and minerals are exactly what our body needs to stay healthy and strong.

Okay, so not all of us have the perfect schedule where we can get all of the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. Life is hectic and when we’re busy an all-natural whole food vitamins supplement like SeaAloe is always a great choice.

Just like Mother Nature’s foods, Sea Aloe is full of the essential vitamins and minerals that we need every day. Of course that’s because SeaAloe contains 100% whole foods and nothing else. What more could your body want?

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