Free Radicals

What Are Free Radicals?

Have you ever had an experience in life where you’ve been in danger and fought to get out of that dangerous situation? Well, so has your body. As a matter of fact your body does it everyday when the atoms known as free radicals combine and then bounce around wildly, destroying everything in its path.

These atoms are formed when they weaken and split which causes them to become very unstable and move wildly throughout your body while trying to stabilize.

Your body fights back with a combination of vitamins and minerals that help protect your body against those atoms that are out to destroy your body. But, when your body doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals, it can’t fight back and those wild atoms win.

Once that happens, your body will begin to break down and age faster than normal. You could be prone to everything from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease and all sorts of things.

So if you’re consuming junk foods that are loaded with sugar and additives, your body is more than likely fighting to survive. But, unhealthy foods are not the only culprits that may be slowly you down. The pollutants that we breathe are just as dangerous to our health as what we eat. Pesticides, household cleaners and cigarette smoke could easily trigger the atoms that are destroying the cells in your body.

That’s why eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients and taking a whole food liquid vitamin like Sea Aloe is very important. Your body needs the nutrients it can get from fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Antioxidants like vitamin C and E play such an important role in your body’s defense against free radicals and aging.

The very vitamins that we consume in our diet and take as a supplement could help stabilize the atoms and give our bodies a fighting chance against cell and tissue damage that can cause aging and disease.

For a healthier new you, look for foods like citrus fruits, nuts, broccoli, and spinach, which are all rich in vitamins C and E, then try to remove sugar and other unnatural junk foods from your diet.

Next, give your body the oxygen it needs by avoiding cigarette smoke when at all possible and wear a protective mask when working around chemicals. While you’re at it, get out and get some exercise to pump up that heart and minimize your risk of health challenges.

And finally, be sure you’re taking a daily whole foods liquid vitamin like Sea Aloe. SeaAloe is essential for maintaining your body’s health. SeaAloe makes up for what your unable to get from your diet with all of the important vitamins and minerals that your body needs. After all, doesn’t the new you deserve it?

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