Functional Foods

What Is a Functional Food?

For most of us, eating is an enjoyable indulgence that nourishes the body and soul, but did you know that a functional food could do more than that? These foods may include everything from fresh to processed, however not all are created equal.

In the early 1980’s the government of Japan used the word functional as a label for certain foods that they claimed were beneficial to our health. However, other countries were not willing to follow in their footsteps until more recently. Still, a product cannot just claim to be the answer for everything that ails us.  And unlike Japan, the United States does not have an approval process for them.

Today however, companies have the ability to include words like “Enriched” or “Fortified” to make us more apt in buying their products. But even so, some of us may be asking if they are really as beneficial as they claim to be. As much as some companies would like us to think so, there is some disagreement.

For one, almost anything that is prepackaged is more than likely a processed food, which really isn’t healthy to begin with. Most products that are processed contain a high amount of sodium and sugar, neither of which are really good for you. In addition, many processed goods are loaded with additives and preservatives.

A functional food does something more for you than just satisfy your hunger and fill you up. It provides something that your body needs in addition to calories.

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