Genetic Engineering

What is Genetic Engineering?

In the recent years man has improved in his quest for scientific knowledge. He has gone far and beyond and has reached the depth of what some may consider madness, but others know as cloning.

Of course why should we worry, right? He’s only cloning an animal, which has nothing to do with us personally, right?

What if man genetically engineered a plant? What if he used that same genetic engineering to alter the food that we consume? Would you be worried then?

While many of us may assume that scientists would not alter the DNA of the foods that we eat, they are certainly doing so. Changing the structure of a plant’s DNA means scientists can extend the life of plants so that we can have a particular food all year round.

For example, scientists can now alter the DNA of a tomato so that is resists freezing temperatures. Scientists have also used DNA altering to create bigger animals such as cows and pigs, for consumption. DNA isn’t just used in food, however.

Scientists have discovered new ways to produce vaccines used to fight disease with genetic engineering. The same technology may also help reduce or even eliminate the risk of diseases such as emphysema, muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. Yet, at what cost is this all being done?

Many believe there are risks when it comes to altering DNA, whether it is in animals, plants or man. For instance, an allergic reaction could easily occur when DNA is altered in foods.

While a person might not be allergic to soy butter, they may be allergic to peanut butter. If the soy nut and peanut were combined using DNA, it could cause an allergic reaction to a consumer who purchases that product.

Another example could be a resistance to an anti-biotic. Since vaccines are a common result of altered DNA, it’s possible that our bodies could resist a particular altered DNA over time.

And what if the nutritional value of foods was no longer available to us? This could be a real possibility if scientists continue to change the DNA of a plant’s cell.

Without nutrition our bodies will eventually crash and die. Just think about it, if scientists are able to create that tomato which resists cold, how easy would it be for them to create a tomato that looks fresh, but really isn’t?

We get nutrition for fresh foods that come from nature. If scientists play around with these, how will we survive?

Eat real food, not genetically modified food.

While it is nearly impossible to know what foods have or haven’t been altered, it’s safe to assume that foods that are grown from your local farmer’s market are okay.

So, choose your foods wisely and while you’re at it, choose your vitamins wisely. Look for vitamins that are 100% natural real food nutrition, like SeaAloe, and skip those that contain chemicals. After all, your life doesn’t need to be any more complicated than it already is.

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