High Fiber Foods

What Are High Fiber Foods?


You already know you should be including foods high in fiber in your diet and if you’re like many of us, you’re probably sitting there thinking about how much you hate bran. 


Fiber, also known as bulk, is found in Mother Nature’s plants. There are two types of the well-known nutrient. They are insoluble and soluble.


Insoluble is found in whole grains, bran, nuts and vegetables. Insoluble dissolves in water, which allows the food to move fast through the body. People who eat products that are insoluble may be able to reduce the affects of constipation and diabetes.


Soluble is found in oats, fruits, barely, beans and flax seeds. Unlike insoluble, soluble absorbs water, which allows the food to move slower, making you feel fuller, longer. People who choose soluble products may be able to lower their cholesterol levels and heart disease.


There is a negative side to eating a food that is soluble, however. If you suffer from intestinal gas, you may want to increase soluble products slowly to allow your body to get use to the changes. If you continue to experience problems it may be best to avoid eating those types of products all together.


In order for a food to be labeled higher than others, it must contain at least 5 grams per serving of the nutrient. That’s not much, but you actually need at least 30 grams per a day in order to maximize your health.


Foods with 5 grams or more grams per serving include, apples, artichokes, avocadoes, barley, black beans, brown rice, carrots, flax seeds, garbanzo beans, grapefruit, kale, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, oats, pears, peas, raspberries, soybeans and sweet potatoes.


There are so many ways to include this beneficial nutrient in your diet that there’s no reason for you not to! Even if you don’t have any of the health related issues that may benefit from this nutrient, you may find it to be a wonderful solution to managing your weight.

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