Nutrients in Sea Vegetables

Why Sea Vegetables Are Such A Great Source of Nutrients

More and more people are starting to take notice of staying healthy by eating right. We stock our grocery carts full of fruits and vegetables and try to avoid eating fattening foods. Sometimes it’s not easy however.

Often we’re faced with busy workdays and no time to cook at home. When we don’t have time to cook, we tend to stop at our favorite restaurant or fast food chain. When that happens, we find ourselves ordering fattening foods because there are no healthy choices.

Yet not every restaurant is unhealthy. Many offer a variety of healthier choices, but often times we overlook those choices because they are a food that is unfamiliar to us. Choices like, kelp or nori, which are most often served in sushi or another Japanese dish.

Sea vegetables like kelp and nori actually come from the sea and are also known as seaweed. Seaweed vegetables aren’t really all that new when it comes to the health food industry, however. As a matter of fact they’ve been around for ages.  These vegetables are actually harvested by Japan for their nutrients and other health benefits.

Because these vegetables grow in the ocean and have been untouched by man, they have an extremely high source of nutrients that are already found in the ocean water, unlike land plants. The vegetables get their nutrients from the flow of the ocean’s waves.

The seaweed vegetables are a good source of vitamins, a, B, C, D, E and K, as well as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and magnesium. They are also a great source of protein, which makes them an excellent food choice for vegetarians.

But, they are not only an excellent source in nutrition. Each vegetable is also a low calorie food with almost no fat. This makes them a perfect choice for those of us who are trying to keep our weight down.

The best part about these nutrient rich vegetables is they aren’t just available in restaurants. Most can be found in health food stores and many local supermarkets.

Its uses in cooking are virtually endless. Nori is excellent for making sushi rolls while Kombu is wonderful when added to miso soup and kelp is fabulous in many kids of dishes.

Yet, there is no reason that these wonderful vegetables cannot also be consumed in a whole food liquid vitamin form as well. Whole food vitamins such as SeaAloe contain an excellent source of kelp and nori as well as 8 other nutrient-rich vegetables. It is an excellent way to get all of the healthy nutrients that you need in one bottle. Simple and easy.


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