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Why SeaAloe Aloe Vera Is So Good For You

Perhaps you recall a time when you burned your hand and ran crying to your mother. She reached for a plant in the window box, pulled off a stem and squeezed out a thick liquid onto your burn. To your surprise, it was soothing. That was liquid from the aloe vera plant – an age-old remedy to soothe the discomfort from burns, sunburn and rashes. 

What you may not know is that the liquid inside that plant is even more powerful than you knew! Aloe vera is one of those “natural pharmacies” on a stalk. You’ll find aloe as an increasingly used ingredient in natural moisturizers for face and body.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

That’s because this unique plant has the capacity to regenerate cells and stall the visual effects of aging. Aloe also calms the itch of insect bites or facial itching from peeling as the sunburn goes away.

As great as aloe vera is applied topically, it’s equally wonderful for internal conditions. The aloe vera taken internally has been refined specifically for ingesting so don’t start sipping the juice that you squeeze directly from the plant.

With products designed for consumption, aloe vera is a very effective natural laxative that is not harsh the way synthetic, chemical based laxatives can be.  Some people find that regular consumption of aloe vera reduces their stomach distress and can calm symptoms from ulcers.

A promising new application for aloe is in dental research. Studies show that the soothing effect of aloe vera can reduce inflammation and diminish discomfort that some patients experience with dentures.

Some periodontists and dental surgeons use aloe vera based products for lesions inside the mouth. Aloe vera also has antibacterial properties, which are important in any application.

The interest in anti-aging products has brought a flood of products many of which are synthetic instead of natural. Aloe-vera is rich in the nutrients and collagen reparative properties that are the essence of anti-aging products. You can get a double benefit by taking consumable aloe vera juice as well as choosing quality aloe vera topical and cosmetic products.

The simple, elegant aloe vera plant contains minerals including iron, magnesium, copper, chromium, calcium, sodium, potassium and zinc. Aloe vera also contains Vitamins B, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Niacin and Folic Acid.

These are essential vitamins and minerals for health and well-being. Since the body does not have the ability to store these vitamins and minerals, you need a consistent supply of them daily.

The typical American diet does not provide even close to enough of these important minerals for good health. Because aloe contains such as powerful package of these minerals, you get a full spectrum of these minerals from one source.

When you search for aloe vera based products, make sure you get the real deal. Too many cheap, poorly made products add a spoonful of aloe vera then advertise it as if the product is pure when it’s not.

Be a careful consumer. Make sure the consumable liquid aloe vera or the topical aloe vera products that you purchase are high quality and pure aloe vera so you get the greatest benefit for your money.

One way to be sure of getting the best aloe vera available, is to use SeaAloe nutritional health supplements. SeaAloe contains the finest hand-harvested California-grown aloe vera and supplies you with over 80 nutrients. Try a bottle today!

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