SeaAloe Sea Vegetables

Why SeaAloe Sea Vegetables Are Such
A Great Source of Nutrients

When most people think of vegetables, they think of what’s seen in the grocery store – carrots, peas, squash, beans or bell peppers. If you asked people in Eastern cultures to name vegetables, you might hear some items that aren’t usually considered in Western cultures.

For example, seaweed is for more than the bottom of the fish tank. Seaweed is a highly nutritional sea vegetable that’s a popular ingredient in Japanese cooking. Sea vegetables are rich in phytonutrients, which the body desperately needs and rarely gets in the typical Western diet.

The sea vegetables are also filled with Vitamin B folic acid, which is important to your good health. Taking Vitamin B folic acid tablets is only a fraction as effective as getting the folic acid in a more bioavailable form like in a liquid supplement such as SeaAloe

Thyroid function is an indicator of overall health. When the thyroid is fully functional, then other glands of the body are well regulated. The thyroid gland is constantly busy keeping the other glands operational at proper levels.

Then the thyroid gland is sluggish or under-performing, and there is a domino effect that impairs the optimal functioning of other glands as well. Fortunately, sea vegetables are rich in natural iodine, which helps support normal thyroid functions. 

The iodine found in sea vegetables is all-natural, unlike synthetic iodine used in medication based thyroid treatments.

Many of the nutrients found in sea vegetables are powerful protectors of the heart. disease. Along with folic acid, sea vegetables deliver magnesium, which is important in regulating blood pressure.

For persons with heart disease, high blood pressure usually comes along with heart disease as a health risk factor. When the blood pressure is normal, the potential for a heart attack is diminished. Ask anyone who has experienced a heart attack how much he or she wants to avoid this again and you’ll understand how important reducing the risk can be.

The folic acid in sea vegetables is equally important in protecting the health of unborn children. Low folic acid is associated with birth defects, particularly spina bifida.

Do you have to start eating seaweed to get the health benefits of sea vegetables? No, you have many options. You can add many of the tasty sea vegetables to salads and foods as a garnish. Yet it’s hard to get enough of this good food. The easier, more predictable way to get the benefit of sea vegetables is in a natural, liquid form for daily consumption.

SeaAloe is a great tasting liquid nutritional supplement that contains the perfect 7 sea vegetables harvested naturally from the coldest and purest waters in the world. Sea Aloe sea vegetables are rich in over 80 nutrients and all essential amino acids.

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