SeaAloe Whole Food Vitamins

Why SeaAloe Whole Food Vitamins Are Better
Than Man-Made Synthetic Vitamins

Whole foods used to be the choice of vegetarians and health food freaks. After generations of poor quality foods and the devastating medical problems left by those food choices, there’s a renewed interest in whole foods.

It’s really nothing new. Whole foods are the way our grandparents and great-grandparents ate every day. In previous generations, people were fortunate enough not to have convenience stores, drive ins with fast food or frozen and package foods.

They were more likely to go to their gardens in the backyard for salad components and to fruit trees for fresh fruits. They also shopped at farmer’s markets for items that they didn’t grow at home. Gathering food took more time back in their day, but they lived better because of it.

If you’re convinced that whole foods are the way to go and you’re making the effort to replace processed foods with whole foods, then you’re on the right track. But don’t stop there, or you’ll defeat much of your efforts.

Taking vitamins to support your improved eating habits is great – but only if the vitamins are the same nutrient quality as the foods you eat. The vitamin manufacturing industry knows what the food packaging industry knows – processed, synthetic vitamins are cheaper to produce than high quality, nutrient dense vitamins.

There’s a longer shelf life on synthetic products, so there’s less waste from unsold products than with natural products. The body is all natural, so it makes sense that what we put into it needs to be natural.

What would happen to your expensive high performance sports car if you decided to save money by filling it with cheap gas? Or you decide to pour in gasoline additives rather than putting in higher quality gas?

You know what happens after that – your sports car starts to run like an old clunker. The same thing is true for your body.  If you want your body to function at its best, then you need to give it high quality foods and all natural vitamins and minerals.

Rather than take synthetic vitamins, you might as well save your money and not bother. You’re spending money under the false assumption that you’re getting what you need to support your body.

What many people don’t know is that cheaper synthetic vitamins give little for the money because so little of the vitamin from pills and powders actually gets used by the body. Most of the cheap vitamins are excreted by the body.  That’s saving money and losing your health – a poor option.

Whole foods vitamins are more nutrient dense and easily absorbed by the body. That means you are actually getting the benefit of what you take. Even if the price is higher than synthetics, you’re receiving full value for every dollar. That’s an investment in your long-term health and that of your family.

So are whole foods vitamins really that much better?  Yes!

Nurture your body with the highest quality whole foods vitamins and you’ll be rewarded by better overall health. Now that’s a good value for your money!

The natural whole food ingredients found in Sea Aloe Whole Food Vitamins guarantee that you will always get the maximum health benefits that you are looking for.

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