Synthetic Vitamins

What Are Synthetic Vitamins?

When you walk into a drugstore or head down the vitamin isle of your local supermarket, you probably notice that there are a wide variety of cheap vitamin products on the shelves. A great thing if you’re on a budget, right? Wrong. More than likely, that so-called cheap vitamin is not even the real thing.

More than ever, consumer marketing has been leading its victims astray by producing what is known as synthetic vitamins. We the victims, buy these products thinking we’re doing something great for our bodies and saving money in the process!

Yet in reality, we’re spending money on a fake vitamin that may do more harm than good for our health. These so-called vitamins are really a man-made image of a natural vitamin.  Yet instead of being natural, these processed fakes are a synthesized part of a vitamin complex that is chocked full of additives and preservatives.

These man-made products don’t even compare to the real thing. And since these fakes are synthesized, our bodies don’t really recognize them.

So instead of putting nutrients into our bodies we’re putting unnatural stuff into it and all the while companies are making big bucks from our misguidance. Even worse is the fact that many of these fake products may be dangerous to our health.

Some of these man-made products may actually cause heart problems, bone deficiency and other health-related issues since they do not contain any real nutrients that are essential for out health.

If given the chance we probably wouldn’t consume a fake orange that is made from chemicals, so why would we want to take a fake vitamin that is made from those very same chemicals? It would be like eating plastic.

The only way to assure that we are getting the real thing is by taking a vitamin that is 100% natural. It must contain nothing but what Mother Nature can offer us, without additives and preservatives. SeaAloe is such a vitamin. Sea Aloe contains only the whole foods that Mother Nature intended for us. It contains nothing unnatural and is easy to take in a liquid form.

Why fool around with Mother Nature and deprive your body of the nutrients it needs? Be good to your body and give synthetic vitamin companies a boot. It’s your body, not theirs. It’s time to take it back.

“Your body wasn’t made in a laboratory, your vitamins shouldn’t be either.”

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