Vitamin Supplements

What Are Vitamin Supplements?

All vitamin supplements are not the same. Manufacturers want us to believe that their product is the best, but many vitamins simply don’t contain the essential nutrients needed for everyday living.

Most manufacturers single out vitamins to customers who believe they only need a specific one.

Unfortunately what many of us don’t realize is our lives are busy enough that we don’t always have the time to include every essential nutrient our body needs. That’s why it’s extremely important that we include a good natural whole food multi-vitamin supplement in our diet.

Unlike Mother Nature’s vitamins, a supplement can come in pill, capsule and liquid form and are generally man-made. A man-made supplement often uses ingredients that contain chemicals, sugar and other additives that can harm us.

True vitamins are those found only in the plants and animals that we consume. They are from Mother Nature and don’t contain any unnatural substances.

We need vitamins in order to keep our metabolism in tip-top shape. They also convert fat and carbohydrates into energy so that we are not so tired all of the time. Without them, our bodies would not be able to fight infections or diseases.

For instance, vitamins B5 and B6 are both essential in minimizing the risk of severe mood swings. Vitamin B12 is important for those who could be at risk for pernicious anemia.

Yet too much of a dose in vitamins can affect your health as well. For example, if you take too much iron you could cause damage to nearly every major organ in your body.
Even if you think you’re getting enough nutrients for your body, you may want to consider some other possible reasons for taking vitamins.

If you do not eat meat, you are more than likely missing protein in your diet, which is an essential nutrient needed for a healthy body. So no matter who you are, you need vitamins in order to survive.

But, what about all of the choices out that are out there on the market? Who do you trust?

The first thing you should look for when choosing vitamins is one that is a natural whole food products that contains no fillers, additives or synthetic man-made nutrients.

These types of vitamins are best because they work with your body, not against it.

A good example is SeaAloe. Sea Aloe is a  whole foods vitamins and minerals product that contains over 80 nutrients and all essential amino acids (and nothing that your body doesn’t need.) It’s in a great-tasting liquid form that is easy to swallow and is safe for the entire family.

Try a bottle of SeaAloe today.

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