Whole Food Vitamins

What About Whole Food Vitamins?

The temptation of sweets is everywhere. It’s all too tempting as an adult to indulge in a sweet treat and it’s even worse when you’re a parent. Children often don’t understand why their favorite sugary treat is unhealthy and why they’re made to eat a leafy green that doesn’t have that same sweet taste.

And we known darn well that trying to explain why those leafy greens are so much healthier than an ice cream cone almost always falls on deaf ears, yet we do it anyway. We are determined as parents to make sure our kids eat right even if it means sneaking fruits and vegetables into a less nutritious meal or taking away that sweet treat.

Getting your kids to consume good nutrients doesn’t have to be a fight at the dinner table, however. With the option of whole food vitamins kids don’t have to always give up their favorite treat.

Whole food vitamins are supplements that are filled with all of the essential organic nutrients that parents love and kids need. They are the foods that we find in Mother Nature that do not contain sugars, chemicals, artificial flavors or colors. The best way to include such a supplement is with a vitamin such as Sea Aloe.

SeaAloe whole food vitamins contain the most essential nutrients needed for our health. Sea Aloe contains wholesome ingredients like aloe vera, sea vegetables, Pau D’ Arco, cranberries, white and concord grapes and black cherries.

Of course it can be just as simple to take another supplement that contains similar ingredients, but do they include over 80 essential nutrients in a great-tasting liquid form?

Think about it. Over 80 essential vitamins and minerals, nutrients and elements in one bottle! You could probably never get that from your kids just from eating alone.

Now think about this…

When you’re a kid your throat is a lot smaller than when you’re an adult and trying to swallow something that’s in the form of a pill or capsule can become a choking hazard. Plus what child wants to try to swallow something solid when he or she has the option of swallowing a great-tasting liquid instead?

So if you’re worried that your child isn’t getting enough of the essential nutrients that they need, it’s time to stop worrying and start giving your child the best life possible, starting now!

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